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Board Members Wielding Chain Saws

Board Members Wielding Chain Saws

It’s not your average board member gig.  We have awesome board members that show up on the farm wielding chain saws!  Not only do they help carve out a strategic plan for the future of our growing organization but they get out on the property with saws and shovels....

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Psychotherapy with a Horse?

Psychotherapy with a Horse?

Children, teens and adults who have experienced trauma in their life or struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, attachment disorder, or other mental health related condition work with a psychologist to enhance social and emotional wellbeing. Observing horse behaviors...

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Therapy on a Horse?

Therapy on a Horse?

Therapy on a Horse? It sounds unusual but in fact a variety of impairments can be addressed through movement and positioning on the backside of a horse. This is not a job for just any horse and it’s not a job for just any therapist.  Both need special training and the...

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Education and Research at HYH

Education and Research at HYH

Hold Your Horses supports best practices in the field of equine assisted therapy.  We have collaborated on research with the Wilder Foundation and Children’s Hospital of Minnesota.  Click here to view the publication of "Hippotherapy in Rehabilitation Care for...

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HYH Board Members

Rebecca Anderson
Kari Holmes
Bryon Wieberdink
Elizabeth Radichel
Ginger Radke
Cynthia Olauson
Nathan Nelson, Esq.

About Hold Your Horses

HYH Mission

Moving Lives forward from trauma and disability with the help of a horse.

HYH Vision

Surrounded by nature and in partnership with the horse, HYH provides healing services that help people transcend physical, social and emotional barriers in order to live their best life.

HYH Values 

Wellness for people
HYH provides a welcoming and safe space for all who come to the farm for learning and healing. We value client centered and trauma informed services that are compassionate and guided by best practice.

 Wellness for horses
HYH cherishes the partnership and insights provided by our equine partners. Diligent attention to their health supports the overall success of our therapy service outcomes.

Mentoring and educating others
HYH values the importance of education and mentoring leaders in the impactful work of equine assisted services.

HYH celebrates and cultivates the opportunity for joyful moments in daily life.

How to find us.

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Greenfield, MN 55357

Hours: 7am - 7pm



Hold Your Horses is a MN non- profit improving quality of life for children with disabilities through individualized equine assisted therapies.

Hold Your Horses

5265 Woodland Trail, Loretto, MN 55357, USA